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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. san francisco police are looking for a dangerous man this morning. he has a distinctive tatoo. we will show you his picture coming displup good morning. right now traffic is getting busier. >> on weather we have changes today. it may not mean much inland, but by the coast we could have a wide variety of temperatures. take a look at those coming right up. >> meg whitman and jerry brown came out swinging in their first debate in the governor's race. all the details just ahead. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> : good morning to you, welcome to wednesday, september 29th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook, let's check in with steve paulson for a look at the weather. is it cooling down? go some. in the 90s, but we are going to add high clouds to the humidity actually comes up a little bit. there is a new twist -- [
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inaudible ] >> -- by lake merced and ocean beach it is 52. twin peaks it is 70, that is in the city alone, so the forecasted high, i am throwing a dart here it is so hard. the fog is out there, 72, inland 80s and 90s with higher humidity and clouds from the south. now, here is sal. >> good morning, traffic west -- is doing well westbound on 80 up to the macarthur maze. no problems to the bay bridge and when you get to the bridge it looks okay. also driving on the sunol grade that new express lane so far doing pretty well. 6:01 back to the desk. >> topping our news a serious warning about a dangerous rapist this morning, jade her his is in san francisco with more on who should be on high alert today, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at the bay view station here in san francisco and we are being told there are no new updates. no arrests have been made. but the man police are looking for this morning is considered dangerous and he might be using public transportation some time
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today. now take a look at his picture this morning. the man police are looking for has sf tattooed on his face under his right eye. he still has family and what police are call yang societies here. his name is demere sai lacko, 58 fight 170 pounds with brown eyes and black eye and has other tatoos on his neck and was last seen walking around without his shirt and just wearing jeans. police are searching for hip because he is tied a rape, robbery and beating yesterday in the housing authority development. he is upon parole. we checked in here with the officers at the about view police station which deals with crimes from the district. this morning we know sha lacko has not been arrested and is still out on the loose. call 911 if you have seen this man. police do say they consider him dangerous. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:02.
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the two candidates go dworch of california clashed repeltedly during their first degate deviced right here on ktvu. decrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman faced off last night at uc davis. whitman accused brown of being be holding to state employee unions who have contributed to his campaign. jerry brown said whitman's proposed tax cuts would only bennett the state's wealthiest residents. >> we have a government we can no longer afford. i want to streamline the size of government. i want to use technology like we do in silicon valley to do more with less. >> i have been in the kitchen, i know the heat. i can take it. i got the know how and yes, i have got the spine, the intelligence and the wisdom and at my age the independence too do what is right. >> there is a question who won. political observers say they have very different styles so it may come down to what voters are looking for. >> if people are looking for consistency and a predictable
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message and a solid presence, i think they might be attracted to meg. if they are looking for experience and some personality and i think he was warm tonight, some warmth, some charm, some passion, then it is jerry. >> well, there are two more debates scheduled. the candidates next face-off this saturday in fresno. we have posted extended excerpts from the debate on our website you will find the links and all of the latest election news under the election 2010 tab. >> today there will be an 11th hour appeal after a federal judge blocked the execution of condemned killer albert greenwood brown. that execution was scheduled to take place tomorrow night at san quinton's new death chamber but last night the judge cancelled the execution saying more time is needed to determine if california's new lethal injection procedures
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amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. the skiings came 24 hours after the 9th circuit court of appeals stepped in. >> what they were clearly concerned about is whether there is enough time. >> this legal battle is far from over. later today the governor's office will ask an appeals court to lift that stay. we will continue to follow the developments in this story throughout the morning. you cap get updates anytime of day by going to our website. >> 6:05. in oakland a police search is underway right now for a second suspect this morning after a man was shot right outside highland hospital shortly after 5:00 p.m. on 31st street right near the hospital entrance. the victim, a 22-year-old man was critically wound. one suspect has been arrested but police are still looking for a second gunman. ktvu news has been told this
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shooting is connected to an earlier shooting where two people were wounded. >> a large protest set to take place in fremont this morning could impact the commute. ktvu's kraig debro joins us with a look at day care workers, students and parents are preparing to take to the streets, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kid dango organized this event. they are a child development center, one of the largest in the state. i spoke with a representative and she tells me they could be facing closure if they can't reach a budget agreement by november 15th. as one of the largest agencies in the state kid dango depends on the state. every day since the beginning. new fiscal year, that is july first, they have not received what they need from the state, $120,000 a day. it pays for programs. kid dango says today's closure for a cause is a drastic step
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aimed at giving the legislature a realistic picture of the pain and potential danger. today kids, parents and staff will take to the street much like they did earlier this month. kid dango says it has survived on reserves and lines of credit from the bank, but if they are forced to close that is 700 centers, 500,000 kids and 30,000 employees will have to scramble for alternatives. but if the services are so vital, how can kid dango afford to shut its doors on 2500 kids it serves just to make a political point. a spokesperson told me they may be putting kids at risk but if they don't do this now children will have to go longer without the vital services they need. we are moving to the complex w some of the people are taking part in today's march and rally later in oakland are gathering. they are marching up fremont
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boulevard. you heard pam refer to the traffic problems there. so we will keep an eye on that as well. >> speaking of traffic we go to sal for a peak at what is happening out there right now. >> traffic is getting busier all over the place pretty much. you know yesterday we were talking about how when traffic gets busier it tends to happen everywhere at once, right now westbound traffic at the toll plaza not too bad. also the morning commute looks good on 880 northbound near 5th. the report of a stalled truck in one of the right lanes leaking some sort fo of a fluid. this is a look at the maps, traffic is moving well on westbound interstate 80. 6:08. here is steve. >> here is live storm tracker 2 for the wind directions. calm. sfo west at 8. last hour it was
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calm so maybe here is a little bit of the sea breeze just -- [ inaudible ] >> -- maybe 10-20 degrees but there are some very interesting temperatures in the city alone, i will show you those in a second, zoo the headline is fog but still muggy so cooler by the coast. higher clouds are coming up in the south. they are covering us. that will give us kind of a higher humidity today. some coastal fog, high clouds inland. 90s inland but humid. oh boy. it will be cooler each day but we will have to keep an eye on these clouds we get towards thursday. there they are starting to come up. a low right off san diego and l.a. is sending in these bands of clouds. just high and mid-level clouds but also tropical in nature so the humidity goes up. these are telephones in san francisco at this hour, lake merced -- [ inaudible ] >> -- 52, ocean beach is 53, marina district 56, noe valley 62, financial district and actually north mission 65. twin peaks is 70. now i -- [ inaudible ] >> -- temperatures like this for a long time. i mean that is a huge spread
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just in san francisco alone. the higher clouds favor the south bay. higher clouds there. 90s inland, 80s around the bay, 70s on the coast. it is 57 in san francisco. we will go for a high of 72 officially. some areas warmer, some cooler, so cool to warm for some. fog, sun, clouds. mixed bag today. 50s and 60s, san jose is at 68. 40s in the mountains, 60s, 70s on the coast. these higher clouds bear watching towards thursday, today they give us higher humidy but inland still hot and muggy with 90s. by the coast 60s and 70s and the fog is definitely regrouping, more clouds on thursday and maybe high based showers toward the santa clara valley, friday, saturday, sunday, back to low clouds and
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cooler. >> why jimmy carter's doctors have decided to keep him a little longer. >> a terror suspect is revealing details about a deadly terrorist plot. i will show you who is the target coming up.
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welcome back to the morning news. this morning republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman will campaign in familiar territory, silicon
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valley. she is scheduled to be there at 11:00. >> our time now 6:13. intelligence officials say they blocked a real terror threat aimed against britain, fran and germany. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on what those terrorists were planning to go after. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. the attack planned revealed by a german terror suspect in u.s. custody is reportedly so big that osama bin laden signed off on it. the suspect, ahmed sai dicki said islamic extreme efforts were preparing to do this again, the scene of the 2008 terror attacks in mumbai, india, 10 terrorists launched commando raids on several sites killing more than 165 people. the suspect arrested in afghanistan over the summer says a plan is in the works to stage attacks like this in several european cities. >> this appears to be a big
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deal plot against targets in the united kingdom, in france, in germany, orchestrated by al qaeda and pack starks receiving the personal signedoff of osama bin laden. >> et may be linked to yesterday's evacuation of the eiffel tower because of the second bomb scare in two weeks there. french authorities also uncovered a plot in france to attack the subways. now he is reportedly part of a pakistani based al qaeda group that has been the target of at least 20 u.s. drone attacks this month. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns conscious t vu channel 2 news. >> time now 6:15. president obama's special mid- east invoi george mitchell flies to the mid-east now trying to keep the peace talks from falling apart. that is after israel rejected pleas from the u.s. and other countries to renew a moratorium on building in the west bank.
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scrx started up again, as soon as the moratorium expired earlier this week. the palestinians threaten to walk out on the peace talks if the construction is not stopped. >> this morning president obama will be in des moines, iowa for another backyard discussion with voters. he is trying to rally democrats to vote in the upcoming elections yesterday he spoke at a rally at the university of west conzion. >> we cannot sit this 1 out. we can't let this country fall backwards because the rest of us didn't care enough to fight. >> the president will wrap up a four state tour this afternoon with a meeting with voters in richmond, virginia. a new field poll shows california voters give president obama higher marks than those across the country. the poll shows 53% of voters think the president is doing a good job, compared to 45% of all u.s. voters. still about the same number says the nation is heading in
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the wrong direction. former president jimmy carter will stay in the hospital a little longer. a little while ago doctors at a cleveland hospital said he needs additional observation after he spent the night in the hospital. he was rushed there yesterday after he developed an upset stomach during a flight from atlanta to cleveland. he was in cleveland to promote his new book. >> today is the 91st day with no state budget. negotiators say there is still several sticking points to reaching a deal. the governor and legislative leaders cancelled their meeting yesterday. still unresolved issues include a business tax break pushed by republicans, pension reform and school funding. even while the budget embase continues the governor met a legislative deadline to sign 21 new bills into law. one of the those bills allows state prisons to release severely ill inmates on medical parole, the governor says right for you california is wasting millions of dollars guarding
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physically incapacitated inmates who are in comas or similar conditions who pose no threat to public safety. the governor also signed a bill, this 1 would make it illegal to modify motorcycles to make them noisier. the bill targets motorcycle owners who remove factory installed emission control devices and replace them with custom parts that often make the bikes louder and also increases the emissions. >> 6:17 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal to check in on the commute. how is it going, sal? >> i want to mention a crash southbound 880 at louel ink on the way to hayward a couple of lanes blocked with a none injury accident. the morning commute looks okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. as a matter of fact, traffic continues to move along very well heading into san francisco. there is a little bit of -- there is a little bit of a back
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up. the commute is okay driving down to hayward, again we mentioned that problem approaching that, watch for it. this morning's drive in san jose is off to a nice start along northbound 280. now let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you very much. we have higher clouds in over us and some fog is on the coast so it will cool down over there. it is just a matter of how much. sfo is finally reporting a west wind but most locations are very mild to warm with no wind. and some of these higher clouds, yes, it will down a little bit but we still have higher humidity. you see it right there. low and high clouds kind of muggy for some, 70s, 80s and 90s today. still hot but not as hot as yesterday. 54 santa rosa and napa at the airport, 57 closer to town believe it or most. san jose 68, the city is at 56 but there is temperatures in the low 50s to near 70 in san
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francisco alion. these higher clouds will continue to stream over us through tomorrow. have to keep an eye on that for possible afternoon build ups more likely tomorrow toward the santa clara valley. today coastal fogs, higher clouds, mix of sun and clouds, 90s for some, 60s, 70s, 80s coast and bay side, temperatures will come down, that sea breeze is itching to go. more clouds and more fog, cooler maybe again some clouds thickening things up towards thursday afternoon and evening, friday, saturday, sunday it looks like temperatures come back down. >> the federal government is looking into firing problems with bmw's minicooper but has not ordered a recall. power steering on them could fail. from the 2004 and 2005 model years. the government has received 54 complaints but so far no related injuries have been reported. this morning the wall street journal reports american international group is trying to speed up the timetable for repaying u.s. taxpayers for its
6:21 am
bail out. aig was one of the financial companies hardest hit by the credit crisis and received self bailout packages. it still owes the u.s. government $130 billion. >> california's money problems could mean rapes could go free. what they need to convict the attackers and how the stalled budget is getting in the ran. >> plus why some people say a program to fight crime actually does more harm than good. >> good morning, if you are driving on 680 southbound, the rest of the lane looking good. we will tell you about a crash in san leandro causing problems.
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bridges still looking good. a problem on the way to the bridge southbound 880 there is a crash. richmond and golden gate bridge traffic looking good. 6:24. back to the desk. >> the continuing hot weather will keep the park closed again today because of high fire danger. the high temperatures and low humidity are prolonging the
6:25 am
fire season for fire crews. until the normal cool temperatures are back they will keep two trucks on duty. the battalion chief says the end of the a heat wave can be the most dangerous. >> we tend to see less starts from fires when it is hot. as we get back into cool patterns. we tend to have more fires when people are out. >> some of the biggest fires have happened in october and september. that includes the fire three years ago and the fire in 1991. the state's ongoing budget embase is impacting a wide range of services for people across the state, that includes groups that work with sexual assault victims who say supplies of rape kits have been running low. the department of justice provides the much needed
6:26 am
materials to crisis stirs and hospitals across the state put because of the budget stalemate the centers are left unable to get the supplies they need. >> you only have one chance to collect the evidence and if you don't have this, then the victims have no chance at successful prosecution. >> the department of justice just delivered nearly 50 rape kits to various sectional assault teals in solano county so area supplies are there for now but workers for at least one area rape crisis center have been put on notice that they will lose their jobs in 16 days unless a new budget is passed. >> time now 6:26. santa clara county supervisors voted to opt out of a fingerprint sharing program with federal immigration authorities. the program was established in 2008. it gives immigration and customs enforcement access to fingerprints of people who are arrested. the agency cross-checks those fingerprints against its imgages data base of known criminals. some say this program make
6:27 am
immigrants afraid to call for help or even report crimes. >> in the end we are being asked to take measures that are effecting the most vulnerable people in our community. >> i am supporting the opt in program because it would take out the bad element in the illegal immigrant community. >> well, the immigration agencies has not responded yet. until it does fingerprints are still accessible. >> more mosquitoes and a bird in the east bay have tested positive for west nile virus. the latest months quits were found in a trap near antioch, the dead bird was discovered fire jordan lane in oakley. the victor control is conducting more inspections and applying insecticide in the area. they have sprayed for mosquitoes in eastern parts of the county several times already this year. fema has made its decision.
6:28 am
the pipeline disaster victims in san bruno won't be getting federal disaster aid. we will tell you why. >> reporter: both meg whitman and jerry brown claim victory in last night face-off. we have been talking to voters this morning though, and we will tell you why they say they were looking at more than just the issues last night. >> also the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. here is a live look at traders. we will tell you what is in store for today.
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[ bell rings ] >> welcome back to the morning news. there is the opening bell right on time there in new york this morning. and it looks like a flat to lower opening, there we go a little bit of a lower opening there. checking in on the nasdaq.
6:31 am
susan g. koman ringing the bell there. they are celebrating her life and legacy as she battled for -- she battled her own breast cancer. she worked on ways to help other women and she established that before she -- >> that has become such a giant event. >> huge. and the walk for raise many for breast cancer aware n and treatment and again that begins many places in october, so we will keep following the numbers for you. >> we sure will and we will say good morning to you, thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, the middle of the week now, wednesday, september 29th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news right now voters go the polls in less than five weeks now and as last night spirited tv debate proved you have got two very different gubernatorial candidates to choose from. cod dean wong joining us now with a look at what democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman revealed during that first debate, which you saw right here on channel 2. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, you can imagine both meg
6:32 am
whitman and jerry brown are already looking to their next debate, which is this weekend. and you can bet their campaigns are looking closely at how they did during last night's debate. as expected both sides are claiming victory after that debate. but certainly every moment counts. there are significant differences between these two. polls say this is a dead heat. with absentee vote p on the verge of beginning and election day just five weeks away these debates can be critical. whitman tried to establish herself as one who can shake sacramento up. jerry brown painted his opponent as part of the rich elite. both question each other's ability to lead the state. this was the first debate and for some voters it wasn't about hearing instances on issues but also about liking the candidates. >> i have not been paying close
6:33 am
attention to jerry brown brown's candidacy but i thought he gave a lively performance and i thought whitmans was a little canned. a little staged. >> i didn't watch it because i am busy but i am very much interested in what is going on. >> have you made up your mind. >> yeah -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- coming up on mornings on 2 you will hear from both candies, why jerry brown says being 72 is a good thing and why meg whitman compared her opponent to dracula. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> see a lot more on our channel 2 website you will find all the links and all of the latest election news under the election 2010 tab. >> the disastrous pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno has claimed another life. doctors at uc san francisco removed james franco from life
6:34 am
support monday morning. the 58-year-old man was critically injured when the pipeline exploded just 200 feet from his home. he is the 8th person to die as a result of that disaster three weeks ago. the federal government has rejected california's request for disaster aid for the san bruno victims. fema has determined that the deadly pipeline explosion has not overwhelmed state and local agencies. that is a requirement for federal aid. the decision means california loses out on millions of dollars in disaster relief money to cover the cost of the clay lament. yesterday san bruno's mayor testified on capitol hill. >> we have to get these things to the forefront. >> he testified before a senate committee. california's two senators both sit on that committee.
6:35 am
>> 6:34, police are searching right now for a man linked to what investigators call an especially heinous rape and robbery. jade hernandezoining us now with a look at why this suspect may be easy to spot. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this man has a very distinctive tatoo on his face, the letters sf underneath his right eye. he is being considered very dangerous and he might be using public transportation, that is one of the reasons why police are getting this warning out this morning. they want to warn anyone using public transportation, take a look at this picture, the man police are looking for this morning also has tatoos on his neck, his name is demere sai lacko, 5'8," 170 pounds with brown eyes and black hair, last seen walking around without a shirt and just wearing jeans. police are searching for the 25 year old because he is tied to
6:36 am
a rape, robbery and beating yesterday in the housing authority development. she is on parole for santa rosa. we checked with officers at the bay view police station this morning, which deals with some crimes from the district. we have also contacted the spokesman from the department. we should have an update during mornings on 2. at this point we know sha lacko shalako has not been arrested. he is considered dangerous and reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> california's budget crisis has led to a bombshell for uc berkeley sports. cal has eliminated babbles, men's and women's gymnastic and women's lacrosse, the highly successful rugby team will
6:37 am
become a varsity club which will not receive financial backing from the university. the changes will begin at the end of the school year. san francisco is stepping up its campaign to host the world's topsailing race. the city has promised to raise at least $two 70 million from businesses and other sponsors if the city is picked to host the next america's cup. it is also vowing to promote the big race with plenty of advertising. san francisco and valencia, spain are viewed as the front- runners to host the cup in 20 13. an announcement is expected within the next few months. >> 6:37. sal is going to help you get to where you need to go. what is happening in san leandro. >> that crash just refuses to go away unfortunately. southbound 880. i want to put it up on the smap for you. at first i thought it was an injury crash and they got there and realized it is not an injury crash but still causing problems on 880 southbound with namely slow traffic in that
6:38 am
area. they are just moving -- i am just reading this here as i am on the air so pardon me for the stuttering here. it says the roadway is open. they are take everything off to the parking lot. good, because the lanes were closed, now they are open. westbound bay bridge, the traffic is getting busy as you drive up to the toll plaza. and this morning's commute on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, the traffic is moving well. steve. >> sal. >> i don't think i ever had the pleasure of being in the fed mix parking lot in san leandro. >> but i have been to a food max. >> me too. >> thank you. in the city temperatures have ranged from 52 around ocean beach to 70 atop twin peaks, 65 financial district, the marina is about 56. south of market is about 60, so i mean just crazy temperatures and san francisco alone, today
6:39 am
the headline is fog, but muggy those are sorts of higher clouds up from southern california. some coastal fog that looks like it is starting to regroup here and there is a hint of a west signed at sfo so maybe if the sea breeze is kicking in. it will be cooler by the cost. 90s inland and humid because of these clouds but it does look cooler each day. now tomorrow -- today we get these higher clouds but tomorrow we could actually cloud things up. santa clara valley keep an eye on the sky, high based thunderstorms are possible. i doubt it but we will mention it because there is a plenty there -- right -- right there. today is just kind of a mix of high clouds so 50s, 80s 90s, not as hot inland but you throw in the humidity it may feel a little more -- [ inaudible ] >> -- at 9:00, 72 at noon officially. 68 then i think that sea breeze really starts to show itself later in the day but there could be a good 10-15 degree spread. napa with start at 56. i did see that in two
6:40 am
locations, 80, then a high of 92. so still hot but comparing down compared to yesterday. san jose is 68 digs, livermore- concord at 65, 80 palm springs, 70 l, a 53 ukia, 67 sacramento. a little low right there is going to come right up the coast into tomorrow, so that will keep higher clouds in the forecast. the fog is there, shallow, more so than the last two days, cooler by the coast, hot and muggy inland, 60s, 70s beaches, 80s around the bay, upper 90s inland, you throw in those higher clouds, fog, clouds on the increase, maybe clouding up thursday afternoon and even as that low gets closer and night and morning fog and temperatures settling back into cooler by the weekend. >> thank you, steve. mandatory water conservation is coming to an end in one part of the bay area but not everyone involved likes the plan. >> plus we will tell you how
6:41 am
some east bay day care workers plan to send a strong message to sacramento today about the budget crisis.
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6:43. a judge cancelled the execution at san quinton, the judge said he needs more time to determine if the procedures amount to cruel and unusual punishment. the governor plans to appeal. republican meg whitman and jerry brown traded accusations in their first debate of the governor's race. meg whitman said jerry brown will have to pay back labor unions who contributed to his campaign. as for brown, he accused whitman of proposing tax breaks for wealthy californians at the expense of education. intelligence officials say they have intercepted a credible terror plot against britain, france and germany. the terror threat level has been raced in france, where the eiffel tower was once again evacuated, for the second time in as many weeks. >> organizers are gathering for a large protest in fremont this morning. kraig debro joins us with a
6:45 am
look at why day care workers, students and parents are taking time to hold this march. >> reporter: we are at the fremont sports complex in fremont. behind me you see staff members with kid dango, a child development center, one of the largest in the state. they have 200 -- rather 2500 kids they serve in the bay area and, of course they have about 450 employees, they hope all the kids and all the employees will be taking part. from here this morning at about 7:30 they will be talking down fremont boulevard and depending on how many people they get that could be a real problem for the traffic, we will keep an eye on that. they are calling attention to the budget embase. across the state they spend $2.5 billion, but this year is unique because the governor put child care on the chopping block. it hasn't been on the table in the past. this year it is. so instead of getting $18 million they are going to get
6:46 am
probably three, at least that is according to one child care facility in oakland. people here say that they need the money to stay afloat. they have been ging to banks and have had reserves they are relying on but now they face foreclosure, so they are going to dmon stlait today so the legislature can see some of the potential dangers out there but they are also getting parents involved so they can control their own destiny. >> we decided this is the most drastic msh we could imagine having to take and we had hoped that we would not, but we thought that this was the only way really to allow families to be heard, for us to help them to stand up and speak for themselves. >> we don't want -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: people are hoping to repeat what some child care advocates in oakland did in august, a few parents got together because they were
6:47 am
facing some of the same problems they did a little earlier right after the deadline for getting a new budget, july first was passed. of course it has been more than 90 days now, for kid dango that means $120,000 a day. that is a lot of money. it has been more than 90 days so you can see how their straits are getting a little desperate here. hopefully there will be kids we will get to talk to. this is one of the things they are going to do to call attention to the legislature to at least let them know what the embase is going to do. later they will be getting on a bart train and going to downtown, they hope to hold a noontime rammy. it could be earlier than that since they are leaving at 7:30, they will have four and a half hours to get there. >> the santa clara valley water district is no longer requiring
6:48 am
10% water conservation. it is now asking customers to maintain their current water usage on a voluntary basis. the district says local reservoirs are now above the 20 year average because of the heavier rains earlier this year but south bay water companies aren't happy about the idea. they say lifting the conservation could send the wrong message to people and make them more likely to wastewater. >> 6:47. there was a crash in oakland -- san francisco. what is the latest. >> that is my bad because there is a crash in oakland and san francisco so i may have confused you with that little note i sent you. unfortunately there is a new crash in san francisco, northbound 101 at cesar chavez. report of an injury crash with a motorcycle down. also in oakland a crash westbound 580 at grand avenue,
6:49 am
that one has been there longer. there is an accident blocking the two left lanes. it is packed up for one freeway exit. there is that crash southbound 880 causing the most traffic. they have moved it off the freeway but the traffic is still kind of slow in that area approaching 238. now at 6:48. let's talk about the bay bridge, westbound, the traffic is moving along okay into san francisco. and one more thing, this is a look at westbound 24 getting busy on the way from walnut creek through lafayette and oakland. now, here is steve. >> thank you, sam. good morning and a few high clouds you can see this, a few higher clouds in this. oh, boy, you caught me there. you caught me. the fog is also on the coast and temperatures today it wl be warm to hot inland but not as hot and the humidity going up because right there these clouds are coming up from the south. the fog, though, i mean there could be a good 20 degree drop on some of these temperatures by the coast. so fog and high clouds. now most of these clouds seem to be favoring the santa clara valley, the pens pence maybe the east bay, not as much the
6:50 am
north bay, so still sunny to mostly sunny towards the north bay but hot and humidity, muggy, what is the good news? the good news is it is cooler especially by the coast, 70s, 80s around the bay, 54 santa rosa napa, yet 68 san jose because these higher clouds hardly any wind at all. sfo has a west wind at 8. yesterday there wasn't any, those clouds will continue to filter in from southern california, coastal fog, high clouds but then mostly sunny, 60s to 90s. the five day we will have to keep an eye on those clouds tomorrow, cloudy skies towards the santa clara valley, i put in high based thundershower activity. probably not but it is possible and then cooler with night and morning fog as we go into the weekend. >> they are offering a rosy look at the future but they did not give give any hints as to who might be the next ceo, the
6:51 am
enterinterim ceo says they are up 14%. the projections reflect their confidence they can maintain their current lead in pc and printer sales. lease chicken on the numbers, a live look at the big board, stock exchange looks like dow jones down 24 points to 10,833. the nasdaq and s&p trading slightly lower, some worries, same worries over european markets and their debt over there. we will keep watching the numbers for you this morning. >> all right. a wild story. >> yeah. >> a very unusual one. we will tell you where a bear's body was found. some place you would least expect to see it. >> find out why san francisco's cable car operators decided not to participate in the annual bell ringing contest.
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let's go 0 tori now. >> good morning, dave and pam. in minutes we will update the search no more suspects after a shooting outside an oakland hospital and talk life with the police chief about this shooting and other challenges during his first year on the job. there is another political face-off today before you can hear carly fiorina and barbara boxer debate for possibly the last time before election day. find out how a special ticket pricing system has turned into
6:55 am
a real windfall for giants. five games left to play in the regular season s those stories and more on mornings on 2, now back to you on the morning news. >> tori thank you. >> uh-huh. >> 6:54, soon if you are a smoker in contra costa county you may not be able to light up even in your own house. they passed a new smoking ban that include not only tobacco but medical marijuana smoking as well. it will also be illegal to smoke on balconiys and patios, well san francisco mayor gavin newsom says he plans to sign a bill extending his city's ban on drugstore tobacco sales to big box and grocery stores that have farm another's the board of supervisors passed the measure which would effect big retheyers. walgreen's unsuccessfully challenged the initial law that
6:56 am
was passed in 2008. they argued the exemption for larger stores made that bill unconstitutional. >> alameda county authorities are trying to solve an unusual case of violence. they are trying to find the person who shot and killed this bear and dumped its body on the sidewalk in san leandro. employees at teara's meat market called 911 to report the bear. bears don't live there so it must have been killed somewhere else. >> there certainly is no bears running along the 580 freeway here in san leandro. we don't know where this bear was shot and what prompted the people that did it to dump it right here in san leandro. >> now investigators say that the shooters may not have realized how hard it is and left the bear outside the meat market to have it butchered. it is illegal to hunt bear in some counties but not without a permit. authorities say they have some information that the bear was dumped in -- by someone in a
6:57 am
white dodge truck. >> all right. our time now 6:56. something was really missing at the annual san francisco cable car bell ringing contest, the -- [ inaudible ] [ bell rings ] >> yeah, the official bell ringers weren't there. others did take part, though, not the cable car operators. the declined to be a part of it. apparently their union is not happen irwith the city. >> it is coming up on 7:00. we want to go back over to sal checking in on a couple of accidents. >> that's right. we are going to start with the maps, 880, the crash there, we also have the problem on 101 in san francisco, northbound 101, a motorcycle crash, looks like that guy is up now but they are still checking in the right lane, quickly let's move along,
6:58 am
westbound bay bridge traffic looks good and we have are also going to look at 880 north and southbound near the coliseum, doing well. now let's go to steve. >> higher clouds inland, still warm to hot but not as hot but muggy, by the coast 60s and 70s, the fog is regrouping, a wide variety of temperatures in san francisco alone but does look cooler for some today. >> we are monitoring two warnings for commuters this morning. the police want to make sure anyone using mass transit has seen this picture, in a half- hour we will talk to police about why they believe this man is particular me dangerous. >> nd. >> we are live in fremont where a large protest is set to begin in just about an hour. organizers warn it could effect both drivers and bart riders. stay with us. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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